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Aerated Concrete Solution(AAC)

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Production Description

      Aerated concrete with cement, lime, fly ash, tailings, river sand, gas accessories raw materials by the batching, mixing, pouring, cutting, autoclave, the curing process of new building wall materials, the product internal evenly distributed porosity, with light weight, high strength, heat preservation, sound insulation, fire prevention, environmental protection advantage.It is widely used in the international energy saving, environmental protection building wall materials.
      Aerated concrete can be produced by different processes according to the type of raw materials, quality and process characteristics of main equipment.But in general, the fly ash,silica sand and water into slurry, adding powdered lime, cement, gypsum and foaming agent, after mixing inject mould box, static oxygen foaming ,curing, cutting into various specifications block or plate, then to autoclaved kettle by the steam car,the porous lightweight aerated concrete products will formed under high temperature and saturated steam curing.

Production Topology

Production Line

      The raw material processing stage is the beginning of the whole production line, the operation process is to use the ball mill to deal with the fly ash ( sand, stone powder), the vibration feeding machine into the ball mill, after grinding the fly ash ( sand, stone powder) with the fly ash pump to the slurry tank storage;Lime is sent to the jaw crusher by electromagnetic vibration feeder and belt conveyor for crushing. After crushing, lime is sent to the lime storage bin by bucket elevator.Then, through the screw conveyor into the ball mill, grinding the fine material through the screw conveyor and bucket elevator into the powder warehouse.
      Fly ash and other raw materials are transported to the pulping machine to be mixed into slurry, and then the slurry mixer is used to stir the slurry.Then, the lime, gypsum, cement and other dry powder raw materials into the electronic weighing scale for weighing into the slurry;After that, the measured material is poured through the mixer.
      After mixing evenly, the material is poured into the mold box, the plate is reinforced, and then the mold box is moved to the resting room by the ferryboat.After a certain temperature and time of preconditioning.
      After the body reaches a certain hardness, the grinding tool and the body are hoisted onto the cutting machine by the flip Sling. complete the following functions: (1) the abrasive do 90 degree turn in the air (grinding tool on one side of the side panel become a supporting body floor until finish the autoclaved), (2) in the car or cutting supporting frame to complete open mold, mold release, (3) the return of the frame remove and the pipe from the autoclave into the mould again, after waiting for cleaning oil, pouring materials continue to cycle again.On the cutting machine, the body is divided into six sections according to the pre-set size and specifications: (1) vertical cutting on both sides of the body, (2) longitudinal horizontal cutting (3) transverse horizontal or guillotine cutting.After the billet cutting, part of the cut material and waste, after processing into waste slurry, pump to the top layer of the mixing slurry storage tank add fly ash sent to the beating machine reuse.
      The cut body is hoisted from the semi-finished lifting device together with the bottom plate to the steaming and raising trolley, which is then organized and sent to the autoclave for high-temperature steaming and raising.
      After autoclave curing, the finished product will be stowed or packed and packaged by the finished product sling, and the module side plate will return to continue cycle use.

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