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Automatic Block Brick Solution

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Production Description

      Automatic brick production line mainly used for fly ash, river sand, sea sand, mountain sand, ore powder, slag, stone powder, cinder, gangue, tailings slag, chemical slag and other main raw materials to add a certain proportion of cement or white ash cement and other cementing materials for brick forming.It is an environment-friendly wall material that conforms to the national industrial policy and the national reform of new wall material. 

Production Line

      All kinds of aggregates are loaded into the batching machine of the batching system. The system selects electronic weighing sensor with excellent performance, which provides accurate measurement precision of materials.According to a certain proportion, after the cumulative weighing, the measured cement and water into the blender after mixing.Into the mixer, open the unloading door, the mixed materials through the belt conveyor to the feeding machine side of the warehouse, the belt machine head with a permanent magnet pulley, can be separated from the material in order to avoid damage to the brick machine.
      The stirred mature material is fed into the feeding machine by the belt conveyor to feed the material into the brick press mold hole. The brick machine is started and pressed into shape.By palletizer, placed neatly.
      If need curing process,the formed bricks are sent to the curing kiln for curing by the chain conveyor through the program control of the plate lifter and the sub-kiln and the mother kiln car.

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