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Metal Broken Recycling Solution

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Production Line

      The metal broken recycling line is suitable for crushing bicycle frame, motorcycle frame, color steel tile, carriage plate, keel, color TV, refrigerator, washing machine, tinplate, scrap Angle steel, scrap square pipe, car cab, file cabinet, safe box, car slot binding, electrical shell and other impurities of scrap metal and industrial waste equipment.Mainly used in scrap metal recycling companies, can provide clean and qualified charging for steel mills.
      The broken steel treated by the waste steel crushing and recycling production line has the following advantages:high yield rate,that is,high proportion of molten steel and waste steel input;The chemical composition of steel water in each furnace is stable, the content of phosphorus and sulfur in steel water in decreased. When mixed with other waste steel,the broken steel can fill the gap and increase the feeding density.During smelting,the charging timers and electrode damage are reduced.less air pollution,easier technical operation;the heat in the furnace is even,and the life of the refractory lining is prolonged.Reduce the power consumption per ton of steel water.
      The metal broken recycling line contain belt conveyor,metal double shaft shredder,Metal crusher,Dust pelletizing system,Magnetic separator drum separator,eddy current separator.

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