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Limestone Stone Production Solution

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Production Description

      Limestone is widely used as an important industrial raw material in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, light industry, agriculture and other sectors.It is an essential raw material for all sectors of the national economy and people's life.Mainly used for: cement production and lime burning in the construction industry;Used as flux in metallurgical industry;Chemical industry used to make alkali, bleach powder and fertilizer;Used as a clarifier in the food industry;Used in agriculture to improve soil;Used as filler in the plastics industry;Widely used in the coating industry for a variety of building coatings;Used as alkaline filler in papermaking industry;Used as the basic filler of rubber in rubber industry;Used as adsorbent in environmental protection industry.With the development of steel and cement industries, the demand for limestone will increase further.
       Limestone stone production line consist of vibrating feeder ,PE jaw crusher,counterattack crusher/box type heavy hammer crusher,circular vibrating screen,belt conveyor.

Production Topology

Productio n Line
      Big Limestone materials through the vibrating feeder fed to the PE jaw crusher evenly and gradually.the materials through a hopper for primary crushing.After first crush ,the crushed limestone materials will be transferred to counterattack crusher/box type heavy hammer crusher by belt conveyor for secondary crush. The crushed limestone materials will be transferred to vibrating screen for separating.

      After separating, the parts that can meet standard will be transferred away as finial products,while the other parts will be returned to counterattack crusher/box type heavy hammer crusher.thus forming a closed circuit. will get the final products or arrive customer specific requirement.

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