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Basalt Sand Making Solution

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Production Description

      Basalt is a kind of high quality traffic building stone, especially the architectural building roads, railways, ports, airport runway and other projects of building materials. It is one of the high compressive strength, crushing value and lower, wear-resisting, bibulous rate is low, weak electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance is strong, asphalt adhesion is strong wait for a characteristic, is the cornerstone of the development of railway transportation and road transportation.Not only this, basalt is the high grade aggregate of lightweight concrete of high-rise buildings, because it has the characteristic of many air holes and hardness, mix it in concrete, can make concrete weight is reduced, but do not break firm, also have the advantage such as sound insulation, heat insulation at the same time, be favored by market of each big building materials.Basalt raw material demand is very strong, basalt investment prospects are bright.

Production Topology

Production Line

      Vibration feeder through the silo uniform feeding, a large number of basalt into the jaw crusher for coarse crushing.
      After the coarse crushing is finished, it will be screened by circular vibrating screen and transported to the impact crusher or box heavy hammer crusher for fine crushing. After the crushing, it will be screened again by circular vibrating screen.Stones that conform to the exact size classification are screened out.The larger basalts are sent back to the impact crusher or box hammer crusher to be broken again to ensure that the stone meets the standard size.
      The broken basalt into the High Efficiency Fine crusher/VSI sand machine for further sand making, such as the need for clean sand, can be sent to the Wheel sand washing machine cleaning.
      Package and store finished materials.

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