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River Pebble Sand Making Solution

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Production Line Overview

      River pebble is a kind of pure natural stone because of its wide distribution, more common, and beautiful appearance,so it has become an ideal choice for courtyard, road, building construction stone.China has abundant river pebble resources,relatively low acquisition cost and high application value.With the construction of infrastructure in full swing in China, the futureprospect of pebble sand production is unlimited.
      River pebble sand-making production line divided into three stages: coarse crushing by PE jaw crusher, finely chopped by counterattack crusher/box type heavy hammer crusher , and sand making by counterattack sand making machine/VSI sand Machine.
      PE jaw crusher,Counterattack crusher,Box type heavy hammer crusher,Counterattack sand making machine,VSI sand Machine,Wheel sand washing machine,Belt conveyor.

Production Topology


Production Line Flow

Stage 1: Pebble Coarse Crush 
A large number of river pebbles are fed uniformly by the vibrating feeder through the silo and sent to the jaw crusher for coarse crushing.

Stage 2: The Pebbles Are Finely Chopped
After the coarse crushing is finished, it will be screened by circular vibrating screen and transported to the impact crusher or box heavy hammer crusher for fine crushing. After the crushing, it will be screened again by circular vibrating screen.Stones that conform to the exact size classification are screened out.Larger pebbles are sent back to the impact crusher or box
hammer crusher to be broken again to ensure that the stone meets the standard size.

Stage 3: River Pebble Sanding
The crushed pebble is sent to the counterattack sand making machine/VSI sand Machine for further crushing and shaping.If clean pebble is needed, it can be sent to the  wheel sand washing machine for cleaning.

Stage 4: Packaging and Transportation
Load and transport finished materials.

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