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CBN Double Disc Grinding Wheels

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    Superhard materials mainly refer to diamond and cubic boron nitride.Diamond is the hardest material known in the world, the cubic boron nitride (CBN) is only second to Diamond in hardness.The hardness of these two superhard materials is much higher than other materials, including corundum, silicon carbide and hard tool materials, high-speed steel.   
    Cubic Boron Nitride with Cubic Boron is a term used with the abbreviation CBN.It's a synthetic super-hard material.Cubic boron nitride (CBN) is a superhard material second only to diamond in hardness.It not only has many excellent properties of diamond, but also has higher thermal stability and chemical inertia to iron group metals and alloys.As an engineering material, it has been widely used in the processing industry of ferrous metal and its alloys.At the same time, it has been applied in a series of high-tech fields with its excellent thermal, electrical, optical and acoustic properties, becoming a functional material with development prospects.Cubic boron nitride powder for precision grinding, grinding, polishing and superfinishing to achieve high precision machining surfaces.Suitable for resin, metal, ceramic and other binding agent system, can also be used to produce polycrystalline composite sheet sintered body, also can be used as loose abrasive particles, grinding paste.CBN due to excellent chemical physical properties such as high hardness, high heat stability with second only to diamond and chemical inert, as superhard abrasive processing to achieve widespread application in different industries, automobile, aviation, machinery and electronics, micro-electronics, etc indispensable important industrial material, has also been of great importance to each industrial developed countries.

Product Feature
1.Compared with ordinary corundum and silicon carbide grinding wheels, it has strong grinding force, low grinding temperature and small grinding wheel wear.
2.It can adapt to the action of various coolant.
3.The shape of grinding wheel is well maintained and the precision of grinding work piece is high.
4.There are more pores in the grinding wheel, which is conducive to chip discharge and heat dissipation during grinding, and is not easy to block and burn the workpiece.
5.The grinding wheel has good self-sharpness, long dressing interval and easy dressing.
6.High grinding efficiency.
7.High wear resistance: grinding wheel has high wear resistance, less consumption of abrasive particles, especially when grinding very hard and brittle workpiece is the most obvious.
8.Small grinding force, low grinding temperature.
9.precision, good surface quality and good shape maintenance.

    High-speed steel,bearing steel,tool steel and stainless steel,powder metallurgy.Precision grinding mill cast iron and other hard materials.Typical artifacts:air conditioners,refrigerators compression machine slide valve plate,automotives steering pump,blades,rotor-stator block gauge measuring tools and thin-walled bearing high flatness of the workpiece.

Suitable Equipment
    This product is used on the double-end grinding machines,for example:Peter wolters in Germany、Hamai in Japan、AM technology in south Korea and some chinese companys like:Xinxiang wanhua ,Lanzhou ruide,Hunan yujing,Suzhou heruite,and so on.

Technical Parameters



Hole diameter


Substrate thickness


Particle size


CBN working layer thickness

5mm- 10mm

CBN shapes



Process M2 high speed steel grinding
slide 25mm×25mm more than 1 million.

  Precision grinding discflatnessparallelism 


  Workpiece to achieve precision roughness of 








Quoted Price and Delivery
Trade type: L/C(Letter of Credit),T/T(Telegraphic Transfer).
Delivery time: 15-30 days.
Delivery packaging: International standard packing.

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