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HZS120 Concrete Mixing Plant

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Product Description
    HZS120 concrete mixing plant is a set of automatic concrete mixing equipment which is composed of batching,stirring,electrical control and other parts.It is suitable for construction sites, precast parts factories and commercial concrete production plants of medium and above.

Product Features  
1,The modular structure is adopted, which is very convenient for the installation and relocation of the whole machine, and the equipment cost is low.
2,JS2000 double horizontal shaft forced concrete mixer is used for the main machine, which has good mixing quality and high efficiency.
3,Aggregate batching machine batching, accurate measurement, high production efficiency.
4,The admixture of cement, water and liquid are all measured by electronic balance with high precision.
5,The water supply system uses the pump pressurization principle, causes the water velocity to accelerate, the spray uniformity.
6,Aggregate feeding with belt conveyor, long life, high efficiency.
7,The main components of the electrical control system are imported, with reliable performance, easy operation and useful, printing function and air conditioning.
8,The overall beauty and generosity, easy to install and disassemble, each layer of outer packaging side can be opened, easy to repair and replace parts.
9,All material scales adopt independent measurement, one scale one table, improve the measurement accuracy.
10,Aggregate lifting belt machine adopts integral electric roller, running smoothly, strong power, easy to maintain.
11,All powder materials are in a closed state in the process of transportation, measurement and delivery, completely eliminate dust emission. All parts adopt reliable performance, smooth transmission mechanism, effectively reduce noise. Mixing main building and belt machine are all environmentally friendly packaging, thus further reducing dust and noise pollution.
12,Advanced control system, using the world's smallest batching control instrument, batching accurate and stable, advanced calculation method, effective control error. Have a fault diagnosis system, can guide and help users to troubleshoot. Flexible storage and invocation of recipes, any recipe can be invoked at any time.

Diagram Of Structure 

Technical Parameters



Theoretical Productivity


Mixer model


Mixing motor


Cycle period


Mixer nominal capacity


Aggregate maximum size


Power bin capacity


Batching capacity of batching station


Capacity of aggregate


Productivity of belt conveyor for conveying materials


Spiral conveyor peak performance


Discharge height


Installed capacity


Aggregate weighing range and accuracy


Cement weighing range and accuracy


Coal ash weighing range and accuracy


Water weighing range and accuracy


Admixture weighing range and accuracy


Quoted Price and Delivery
Quoted price type: FOB,CIF or CNF
Trade type: L/C(Letter of Credit),T/T(Telegraphic Transfer)
Shipping ports:  Shanghai,Qing dao or Tianjin
Delivery time: 15-30 days
Delivery packaging: International shipping standard packing

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