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6-15/20 Hydraulic Brick Machine

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Product Description
      The 6-15/20 hydraulic unburn block brick machine developed by zechen machinery is mainly composed of distributing system, feeding system, block output system and electronic control system.The hydraulic pressure is the main, the machinery is the auxiliary.both cooperate to complete the vibrator vertical directional vibration, pressure head vibration, secondary feeding, broken arch, feed pallet and other functions.The formed brick has uniform density, high strength, convenient operation and rapid forming.High degree of integration, can achieve automatic feeding, automatic molding, automatic pallet feeding and other functions.This type of unburn block  brick machine has novel structure, beautiful shape and advanced technology.it is one type of advanced brick machine with mechanical, electrical control, hydraulic.
      Applicable materials: concrete, industrial waste, fly ash, coal gangue, river sand, mountain sand, sea sand, slag, construction waste, stone powder, slag, chemical slag and other materials.Accessories: lime, cement, gypsum, curing additives.
      Produce brick: brick block of various specifications, porous brick, standard brick, road tile, slope brick, river brick, square brick and so on.

Working Principle
      The scientific proportion of all kinds of aggregate is carried out by the aggregate batching machine, the mixer is stirring with water, then the stirred material is sent to the material box of the brick machine. When the material is sent from the material box to the mold box, the mixing fork working in the mold box, making the mold box unload smoothly and evenly.To ensure product strength, weight uniformity, super vibration force design, Using of computer control hydraulic system flow, pressure.Vertical synchronous vibration, frequency conversion, braking, to ensure that the product  to achieve high strength, high density in a short period of time.

Product feature
1,The 6-15/20  hydraulic unfurn brick machine with PLC system, which can check the equipment alarm, set system parameters, check the machine fault,  this can ensure the normal operation of the machine.
2,The use of high quality belt conveyor conveying, control hopper storage volume, prevent concrete affected by residual vibration and advance liquefaction, ensure product quality and yield.
3,The hydraulic unburn block brick machine amplitude, frequency and hydraulic set reasonable, not only ensure the product density, also ensure the body and the vibration system between the non-resonance, thus extending the service life.
4,The  vibration independent feeding, to solve the problem of porous brick, hollow block feeding.This brick machine is equipped with manual hydraulic control valve, which is suitable for the initial investment of customers. It can also be upgraded to one machine with double configuration to avoid repeated investment.
5,The equipment can realize a machine multi-purpose, adapt to various specifications of brick, porous brick, standard brick, road tile, slope brick, river brick,square brick.
6,The design structure is compact, the performance is stable, the operation maintenance is convenient, the occupation area is small, the investment is little, the benefit is high, is big, medium, the small building materials enterprise investment ideal choice.

Unburn Block Brick Production Line

Technical Parameter





Hydraulic system rated pressure(mpa)


Vibrational frequency(r/min)


Pallet Size(mm)


Molding cycle(s)






Product Name

Product Specifications(mm)

Number per plate

Molding cycle(s)

Block/8 hours

Concrete Block





Perforated brick





Standard bricks





Quoted Price and Delivery
Quoted price type: FOB,CIF or CNF
Trade type: L/C(Letter of Credit),T/T(Telegraphic Transfer)
Shipping ports:  Shanghai,Qing dao or Tianjin
Delivery time: 15-30 days
Delivery packaging: International shipping standard packing.

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