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Cutting Machine

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Product Description
      Base on the cutting machine production process, the cutting machine divide to two kinds model, the ground turnover cutting machine and the air turnover cutting machine.they all use to cutting the concrete body.

      Ground turnover cutting machine implementation of a one-step in place, six surface turning cutting, because of its advanced technology, without secondary lifting, so reduce the damage to the concrete body due to many times lifting.The manufacturing process of ground turnover cutting equipment is relatively simple, but the production process is not easy, the operator needs to be trained before skilled operation.
      The manufacturing process of air turnover cutting machine is complex, with high manufacturing cost and large investment in corresponding equipment. However, the process is relatively simple in production, which is easy to operate.

Product Feature

The Ground turnover cutting machine feature:
1, Compact structure,easy operation,seldom need being repaired.
2, Complete the horizontal cutting and vertical cutting at one time.
3, Cutting each side of the concrete body,its cutting precision can meet the requirements of GB/T11969-1997.
4, It can be used to produce panel,its cutting precision can meet the requirements of GB/T15762-1995.
5, Recycling all the scraps,no secondary pollution occurs.
6, The cakes won’s adhere to each other.
7,Crosscut adopts screw transmission which solves the problem of desynchrony caused by hydraulic transmission.
8, Restrainer and safety interlock can prevent the accidents caused by improper operation.
9, We can replace the steel wire quickly,the steel wire is tensed pneumatically and it can swing in two directions.
10, No defective products.

The Air turnover cutting machine feature:
1. The machine structure is simple and practical, which is convenient for installation and maintenance.
2,The body is upright after turning, so the steel wire is shorter,  it is not easy to break and drift, the cutting precision is high.
3,The solid longitudinal cutting device is automatically walking (the blank is fixed on the cutting table) to complete the longitudinal cutting.Horizontal crosscutting device adopts screw drive to keep the crosscutting frame's lifting drive consistent and ensure the cutting precision.
4,After the body is upright, both sides of the concrete body can be vertically cut and milling groove can be completed at the same time.No additional groove processing equipment is required.
5,In addition to producing blocks, this model can also produce plates, and cut the blank body on six sides, so the product quality is not affected by the coating mold oil and mold deformation.
6,The operation of the equipment is simple and convenient.The cutting process of this model (including turning, vertical cutting and cross cutting) is completed at different stations.

Technical Parameters


Cutting cycle


Cutting precision


Outer size of the machine(mm)




six-side cutting≤±2






six-side cutting≤±2






six-side cutting≤±2



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