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The lubrication of brick making machine is very important.

    In the use of brick machine, lubrication is a crucial link, now let us focus on the important use of brick machine lubrication.
    Lubricants are used in brick making machines as liquid lubricants to reduce friction and protect mechanical equipment and parts.Mainly used for lubrication, cooling, anti-rust cleaning, sealing and buffering of equipment.

1,Reduce friction, reduce equipment wear and tear
Through proper selection of lubricant, the wear of brick machine parts and other moving parts is reduced, and the life of moving parts is prolonged.

The heat generated by the operation of the equipment can be carried away by the flow of the friction agent to cool the machine and keep the machine working at a reasonable temperature.

When lubricant covers a mechanical friction surface, it prevents direct contact with surrounding media, such as air, water vapor, corrosive gases and liquids, dust, oxides, etc., to prevent corrosion.

When liquid lubricants flow, impurities such as dust and abrasive particles of metal between the friction can be washed away, reducing wear on the machine.

5,Buffer damping
The rigidity of lubricating oil is lower than that of solid metal, and it has buffering and damping functions.

When using grease, the self-sealing of the grease prevents loss of lubricant and invasion of external impurities, thereby preventing damage to the seal.

7,Reduce friction and reduce power loss.
The use of lubricant can effectively reduce consumption, reduce the friction coefficient, reduce the impact of equipment on the friction force, thereby reducing the power loss.