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Composition of weighing system for concrete mixing plant.

Weighing is very important, decide the quality of the product and the efficiency of production, so how many sets of weighing equipment does the concrete mixing plant need?

1,Aggregate weighing
    The aggregate weighing device used in the equipment is set up according to the aggregate particle size and particle size, which is called single weight method.The single weighing method has the advantages of high weighing accuracy, but the weight of the hopper is too large, the complex structure of the weighing device in the mixing station, there is a tendency in the concrete mixing station, the aggregate is divided into groups, the coarse aggregate and the fine aggregate device, the cumulative weight method has been widely used.

2,Powder weighing
    The weighing of cement and powder in the equipment is generally carried out by using a weighing bucket. When there are many kinds of powder in the concrete mixing plant, cumulative or single weighing is used.

3,Liquid weighing
    The liquid weighing system of the equipment includes liquid conveying pump and liquid conveying pipeline, butterfly valve and weighing hopper, including weighing hopper support and weighing barrel shell device.

    At present, the mixing and weighing process of zechen mechanical concrete mixing plant is fully automatic, very simple and easy to control, which can ensure the aggregate accuracy within ±1%, cement accuracy within ±1% and water accuracy within ±1%.