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How to raise the productivity of concrete mixing plant?

    The use of concrete mixing station is more and more extensive, a lot of users are just use according to conventional way, sometimes can feel the production efficiency of concrete mixing station is lower and lower.Today and you talk about the concrete mixing plant to improve the efficiency of several ways.

1,It is necessary to strengthen the maintenance management of the concrete mixing plant equipment to ensure that the equipment is in good technical condition.In line with the requirements stipulated by the state environmental protection law, strict maintenance testing system and preventive measures have been established to ensure timely repair and maintenance.

2,According to the concrete mixing plant's production capacity and the distance, line and road conditions of finished product transportation, the transportation vehicle of sufficient quantity shall be equipped, and the preparation shall be 1.2 times of the required number of productivity.

3,In order not to stop the concrete mixing plant for special reasons, there should be enough storage of finished materials.Sampling inspection of raw materials, raw materials of different specifications should be stacked separately, and be dustproof and rainproof.