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What are the advantages of concrete mixing plants?

    Concrete mixing plants are becoming more and more common all over the world. Many factories now use concrete mixing plants to produce concrete.So, what advantage does concrete batch stand have?

1, The product quality is good.The concrete mixing equipment produced by the concrete mixing plant adopts the mixing blade of high-chromium alloy wear-resistant cast iron,  the lining plate of trapezoidal design, and the mixing arm protection hoop, which is very cost-effective.At the same time, the forced concrete mixer for concrete mixing plant has also adopted the unique multi-shaft end sealing protection technology, with excellent sealing, which can effectively prevent the invasion of mortar and extend the service life of the mixing shaft.

2,High measurement accuracy.Concrete mixing plant measurement accuracy mainly from four aspects to determine, namely aggregate, cement, water and additives.The measurement of aggregate is usually carried out by belt weighing, weighing bucket, belt called cumulative weighing, weighing bucket for individual or cumulative weighing.The weighing of cement and powder is generally carried out by using a weighing bucket. When there are many kinds of powder, cumulative weighing or separate weighing is used.

3,Environmental protection of equipment.With the continuous progress of the society, environmental protection has become the theme of social development, many concrete mixing plant also began to advocate environmental protection equipment, so that environmental protection equipment towards China's infrastructure construction industry.