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Structure and application of double shaft shredder

1,The blade structure
(1) The shear mode and effect of biaxial shredder are determined by the number of claws and the thickness of blades.
(2) At the same time, the shear force of the equipment is determined, so the blade structure must be correctly selected according to the production demand
2,Rotating screen
(1) The size of the sheet material treated by the double-shaft shredder is usually not uniform, even if it is shredded by multi-claw blade.
(2) Rotary screen is an effective solution to control the size of products.The rotating sieve at low speed can transfer the lamellar material whose size is larger than the aperture of the sieve back to the crushing box for twice
(3) Or shred several times until the size meets the requirements
3,Mandatory material pressing device
(1) This device makes it possible for small and medium-sized equipment to process large hollow materials such as 200L chemical drums.The hydraulically-driven forced material (2) Pressing device will be located in the middle to facilitate the pulling of materials and increase the output of the equipment.

Chief application:
Double shaft shredder is a super torque shearing equipment designed for crushing large hard materials.The equipment is widely used to tear up trapped or hard materials containing foreign bodies.The module or design of the machine box greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the main parts of the equipment and saves the maintenance time.
Optional according to customer requirements:
1, Customized motor power and reducer
2,Mandatory material pressing device
3,Hydraulic drive (waste motor drive)
4,Tool thickness and number of claws