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Zechen machinery: Artificial sand technology

    Artificial sand/mechanical sand means use sand-making machine make the stone to sand produces.the stone is made by the process of the stone impacting and striking each other in the sand-making equipment.

    Through right way to use artificial sand can let to the concrete with high compactness,good anti-seepage and anti-freezing performance and other physical and mechanical properties and long-term durability.、

    Because stone itself contains certain content of soil  and  the fierce collision in the process of making sand,the mechanism sand  contain quantitative stone powder and mud powder.stone powder can make up the existence of mechanism sand in concrete by the gap is big,water demand is big,poor liquidity.mud powder serious influence the level of sand and the use,in order to solve this problem,according to the traditional river sand process to make sand washing machine. After sand washing machine washer the sand, can improve the level of sand.this make sand named wet sand making method.