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Zechen Machinery:Low investment and high return, unburn hydr

    With the development of building machinery,appear many new wall materials equipment.with the deepening of the national wall reform policy.unburn hydraulic brick machine as new type of environmental protection brick machine become the first select.

    As long as you have fly ash,slag,coal gangue,slag,sand,stone power,construction waste,all kinds of industrial waste resources in 1-2 kinds.with the appropriate site and a certain amount of venture capital, can set up a unburn block brick factory.Zechen machinery tailored for you from investment choice between3,000USD~200,000USD.from 500㎡to 300000㎡ .can large scale plant ,also can small investment

    Compared with clay red bricks,unburn block brick are much harder than clay red bricks.the (260x170x56mm)mark of clay red brick is generally form NO.75~No.100.the production of unburn brick designed in accordance with the standard of NO.300 and above.it’s strength exceeds the national standard ,the highest compressive strength up to 35MPa,the usage life longer than clay bricks.

    The unburn brick production line with the government support, environmental protection,abundant raw materials,low investment,high efficiency,good quality become deeply concerned and loved by investors.