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What will save the environment pollution,Double shaft shredd

    Recent years, the snake skin bay,tons of bags,fishing nets,tires,plastic and iron products are widely used, how to effectively recycling old waste has become one widely problems?Some factory buy expensive or high power and low efficiency equipment to recycle waste, investment cost very high. Some plastic products directly burned which affect the environment,also not conducive to sustainable development of economy.how to economically  recycle waster product become one key research topic for all product factory. The Double shaft shredder can solved this issue.

    Double shaft shredder also called double shaft shear crusher. it is use the cutting tools to cut or torn material,used for crushing all kinds of solid waste,have good blasting results of hard and soft material,often used in MSW (municipal solid waste) disposal of MSW presentment, renewable resources, such as environmental protection.The device is

    designed with low speed and high torque. It has the characteristics of high shear force,good tear effect, low noise and good stability.
1.Solid(dangerous) waste crushing.
2.Hazardous waste treatment plant.
3.Crushing system waste incineration power plant.
4.RDF(junk fuel) is broken.
5.Biomass fuel pretreatment.
6.Tyre crushing recycling field.
7.Electronic waste crushing and recycling system.
8.All kinds of industrial waste.
    What feature the double shaft shredder of Zechen machinery had?
1.Integral tool box: It ensures high mechanical and machining precision,lengthens the service lift of the equipment and saves maintenance cost.
2.Independent detachable technology of fixed knife:Each fixed knife can be disassembled and installed independently,greatly reducing the workload of workers and improving the continuity of production.
3.Intelligent features:The intelligent technology of GEP is adopted to realize intelligent detection and abnormal treatment,which ensures long-term and healthy operation of the equipment.
4.Unique anti-pine technology:The unique anti-loose technology is adopted to avoid the equipment failure caused by loose bolts.
5. Excellent material cutting tools with long service lift:The tool material is made of superior material and has a long service lift.It also has good interchangeability.
6.The spindle has good fatigue resistance and shock resistance:The spindle is made of special materials and has been subjected to many heat treatment and high precision machining,with good mechanical strength and long service lift.
7. Imported bearing and muti-component seal:High load resistance,long lift.dust-proof, waterproof and anti-fouling guarantee the continuous and stable operation of the machine.
8,.PLC touch screen control cabinet :Siemens PLC touch screen control cabinet,equipped with high-end electrical components,good stability,easy to operate.

    The thickness and number of the cutter can be changed according to different materials.When crushing hollow materials, press device can be equipped to increase the yield.
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